Kahlua is the newest member of the Summersend Herd. She is a 14 year old B.C. Wild horse from the interior of BC. She looks like a life size teddy bear with her dark bay body, brown nose and thick coat. Although Kahlua is new to the heard, she has already made it clear she is happy to take on the roll of the lead mare.

Earlier this summer we decided it was time for Candy to take her teaching on the road, which meant it was time for Aurora to find a new equine partner. Kahlua joined our herd to do just that. In the past, she had been a beginner show horse and reliable pleasure horse. Kahlua has attended numerous jumping, english and western pleasure horse shows, riding lessons, jumping camps and Doug Mills clinics. Together she and Aurora will be working to complete Aurora’s 2017 4H project, and develop her skills in leadership, horsemanship and equine care. Aurora has given her the ‘show name’ Midnight’s Kahlua, but you will often hear us simply call her ‘Lou’.

Kahlua is an active member of the heard but has not yet started working as a program horse. She can, at times, be a bit mischievous. She enjoys testing our fences just to check and see if the grass really is greener on the other side. We often see her pushing down the top wires to eat on the other side, or stretching over the electric fence to get at the bale stack. Another favorite of hers is to let the wind blow through her mane and tail as she gallops across the back field.

We look forward to introducing her to our clients. As Aurora says ‘She has a big heart and a soft eye that will take over your heart and make you melt inside.

Photo Credits to: Wild Knight Horse Photography and Showcasephoto.ca




It is with great sadness we announce that we said an unexpected goodbye to our wonderful Zuri on January 14, 2017. She helped so many people and was a wonderful addition to our herd. She has been, and will continue to be, missed by both our family and the clients who attend Summersend programs. Rest in Peace sweet girl.

Zuri is a 17 year old Morgan mare who joined our herd in the spring of 2016. Safe as they come, she absolutely has a heart of gold, and the mind to go with it. It is often said she looks like a replica of Black Beauty, minus the small white spot on the top of her head.

This compact little mare will stand patiently for hours being groomed and fussed over, and just as patiently allow herself to be lead around through various obstacles or taken for a walk down one of our trails. Zuri love people of all ages, but definitely  leans toward working with children. She is great at knowing just what lesson each client needs on a particular day. Zuri often uses that mind of hers, to see ways in which she can help clients with skills in leadership, confidence building, trust and mindfulness. She has a big heart and is careful with every person that works with her, both on the ground and under-saddle.

Her past is somewhat vague but her previous owners believe she was used as a driving horse of some sort. She does have a small scar on the underside of her tail and has developed some arthritis in her shoulders, possibly from the harness when pulling a plow or the wagon. For the last six or seven years she has been a treasured family pet, loved and adored by her owners and ridden by an young boy.

“She has the most gentle eye that I have ever seen. She has the eye that is really so sweet. As soon as you see her you will love her forever. You will love her every second of every day.” – Aurora Lea


Snowman is the oldest member of our herd. At around 28-30 years old he is a true senior. He came to us from a wonderful woman in southern BC, who was no longer able to meet the needs of this aging horse. She was looking for a loving, forever home where ‘Snowy’ could continue passing on his gifts to clients both young and old. He could not have been a better fit for our program. He seems to understand what each and every one of our clients need, and gives it with his whole heart. All you have to do is simply look into his eyes and you will fall in love.

Snowy had a bit of a rough start to life, as an Arabian horse he was bred for endurance. In his younger years he was in training for endurance racing, which included working in some more challenging terrain. He sustained an over-use injury to his rear suspensory ligaments, which has lead to advanced Suspensory Disease in his hind legs. This has caused his legs to straighten and his lower joints to weaken. It does not seem to cause him any pain, but he does move a bit slower than the other horses. For this reason, we do not use Snowy for many riding activities, and only for our younger/smaller clients when we do.

Age is starting to take its toll on Snowy. He has struggled with weight gain this year, and gets a daily high calorie mash to help him along. A recent visit to our vet gave him a good bill of health and some newly floated teeth to get him ready for winter. We look forward to some amazing years to come with this boy.


Candy is our 14 year old registered Paint mare. In her past she was used as a working cow horse, but she much prefers the slow life and will choose a quiet trail ride over chasing cows or loping circles in the show ring any day.

Candy has been an amazing trail horse and confidence builder for both children and adults here at Summersend Farm. Her main job has been to teach all she can about equine care, riding, and horsemanship. She has participated in 4H for the last two years, and was a member of our lesson program. Candy is always a favorite with her cute belly spot, shiny coat and sweet eyes.

This year Candy has a new job, she will be taking her teaching on the road! Although she is still a member of our herd, she has moved to a new home to help another horse crazy girl with her 4H project. Candy will be helping teach this family of four amazing kids about showmanship, horse health, equine anatomy, feeding, tack and general horse care. She is going to be showered in love, attention and everything else this loving horse could possibly need.



Cotton is a farm favorite. He is a 9 yr old Mini Gelding that LOVES attention. He came to us 7 years ago. His history was quite vague and it was clear he hadn’t had much work done with him. He is now the typical friendly, in your pocket, mischievous pony and is a fantastic addition to our herd. He will be participating in the 4H program this year, learning to be a driving pony.

We do a lot of grooming and lead line work with Cotton. He is well known for constantly stealing food from the bigger horses, having his hair done, going for walks, and pony rides. His ability to help our clients in all areas of their lives is amazing. We love him and hope you will too.


Diego is our 21 yr old Dutch Warmblood. He is a very distinguished older gentleman, and leads our herd in the way an older gentleman would.

In his younger years he called a stable in Beverly Hills, California his home. During this time he made quite a name for himself in the amateur jumping ring, competing up to 3’9″. He later moved on to the less challenging 2’6″ courses teaching beginner riders the ins and outs of riding, jumping and showing. He came to us from a breeding and training facility in Prince George where he had been doing a great job as their old reliable school horse.

As a senior horse he was looking for a quiet, retirement home. We were happy to offer him just that as one of our program horses and as a member four legged family. Diego is quite happy to live the quiet life of grooming, massage, and the occasional trail ride.

He is a unique horse that always draws attention from clients and visitors alike. His gentle demeanor and quite confidence make him a great partner for our older clients.