School Programs

How can Equine Facilitated Learning be of value to schools?IMG_5505

Equine Facilitated Learning programs are an invaluable way to help students that struggle in the school environment. Programs help students to develop vital life skills required to succeed in education and later employment, as well as to engage with the curriculum in an experiential way outside of the classroom.  Improved behaviour has been reported within the school environment for students that have attended equine facilitated learning programs.



Benefits of Equine Facilitated LearningIMG_5513

  • Communication skills
  • Team work skills
  • Confidence
  • Empathy
  • Social inclusion
  • Self awareness and self control
  • Anger management
  • Motivation and work ethic
  • School attendance through acting as an incentive


IMG_5600Benefits to Student Education

  • All programs are offered by a BC Certified Teacher specially trained and certified in Equine Facilitated Learning and Wellness.
  • Programs can be tied into the curriculum and the individual learning objectives to enable students to engage in experiential learning.
  • When designing Equine Facilitated Learning programs, we aim to work closely with schools to ensure the program supports the personal and academic requirements of individual students and links with the curriculum in as many ways as possible.
  • Programs have a measurable impact on the behaviour of students. This is supported by reports of improved behaviour by both parents and teachers.
  • We try to be as inventive as possible when designing programs to link the lessons learned while with horses back to the lessons learned in school.


~ Collaborative and Inclusive Environment ~

IMG_5560Equine Facilitated Learning programs offer an experiential, hands on learning environment for students who struggle in a traditional classroom setting. Small groups lend themselves to a collaborative learning environment where students practice communication and learning skills. Programs are valuable for a wide range students, and are not limited by ability, special learning needs or equine experience.

 ~ Language and Literacy ~

  • Equine Facilitated Learning programs focus strongly on developing verbal and non-verbal communication skills in order to communicate effectively with the horses and other students. The focus on teamwork allows students to develop the ability to express their ideas clearly and listen to others.
  • Oral language: Programs involve working together in a team to complete challenging training tasks with the horses. This provides the perfect environment for pupils to develop and practice spoken language skills to articulate ideas to other team members and staff.
  • Vocabulary development: Through this work students extend their vocabulary through learning equestrian specific terminology and contextualising this new language
  • Reading and Writing:Programs are a valuable way to motivate students to read to acquire further knowledge about horses through research projects into horse behaviour. Programs can be tied into writing projects involving writing a reflective journal, blog or article about the sessions.

~ Science ~


  • Equine Facilitated Learning programs teach about the importance of equine care
    and grooming, as well as observation of equine behavior, movement and adaptations. Students participate in caring for and grooming their equine partners to ensure they are happy, healthy and ready to work.
  • Students spend time exploring nature, local ecosystems and equine habitats as well as interacting with their environment and the living things in it. Nature plays a big role in these programs, awareness of it, and appreciation for it is infused into all the learning activities.

School Program Delivery Options

 ~ Option 1: 5 Session Program ~

  • 5 x 2hr sessions (once a week for 5 weeks)
  • 5 spaces at $250 / student
  • 1 free space for a student who would benefit from the program, but does not qualify for extra services.
  • Small Groups max 6 participants
  • Ages 7-12 years old

~ Option 2: Custom Program~

  • Full or half days, weekly or full week programs
  • Program topics can stay the same or be customized to needs and can be adjusted to fit the time line
  • Pricing adjusted accordingly


All programs are customizable and can be adapted to school or student needs.

School Programs – Downloadable Information Document