About EFL

wpid-imag1438.jpgSummersend Balance offers a unique approach to Equine Facilitated learning and wellness. When clients come to Summersend they are welcomed to my home. Client sessions are planned around the needs of each individual client, we also offer a variety of group programs which follow certain themes or goals. Both individual sessions and group programs focus on building strong attachment relationships, developing courage, and finding calm. Our goal is to create a place where all clients feel safe to experience new situations and emotions, practice skills and become comfortable with their own journey and personal growth

We believe in the therapeutic benefits of nature on the emotional well-being of our clients. Nature is infused into all of our sessions and become a large part of what the clients experience here. Although some activities take place indoors, clients work with the horses in the outdoor arena, on the nature trails or in the round pen. We will often go for nature walks, participate in mindfulness activities, and enjoy little hidden hideaways around the property.


We also believe creativity and free play are a large part of personal growth. It allows the body to unwind and the mind to let go of tension. We integrate art activities and free play into most sessions. These activities may include painting, drawing, coloring, art journaling, nature crafts and more. We have a number of outdoor games and other activities clients to enjoy. The horses are a huge part of the programs here, but are not the only part.


Although we are not a horsemanship school, or horseback riding coaches, we do integrate basic horsemanship skills into the sessions. These skills help clients develop self confidence, leadership and communication skills. These skills are mainly ground work based and often include obstacle work and other equine safety skills. Depending on the client and his or her needs we may even progress to some riding activities. It is a slow process, and the focus is on building client skills not so much on building horse skills. As mentioned above, there are many horsemanship programs people follow, we lean toward a more Natural Horsemanship Approach, mainly Rother Horsemanship and Centered Riding methods.


Upon a first visit to Summersend you will find that our family friendly programs are not only equine based but also integrate the calming abilities of the cats, dogs and even chickens into a client visit. Clients join us on the farm as any family member or friend would. We are laid back people and provide a laid back environment for our clients to enjoy. This approach can be applied to a wide variety of clients including children, youth, adults, families and groups. Most important of all, no equine experience is needed to participate.