Snowman is the oldest member of our herd. At around 28-30 years old he is a true senior. He came to us from a wonderful woman in southern BC, who was no longer able to meet the needs of this aging horse. She was looking for a loving, forever home where ‘Snowy’ could continue passing on his gifts to clients both young and old. He could not have been a better fit for our program. He seems to understand what each and every one of our clients need, and gives it with his whole heart. All you have to do is simply look into his eyes and you will fall in love.

Snowy had a bit of a rough start to life, as an Arabian horse he was bred for endurance. In his younger years he was in training for endurance racing, which included working in some more challenging terrain. He sustained an over-use injury to his rear suspensory ligaments, which has lead to advanced Suspensory Disease in his hind legs. This has caused his legs to straighten and his lower joints to weaken. It does not seem to cause him any pain, but he does move a bit slower than the other horses. For this reason, we do not use Snowy for many riding activities, and only for our younger/smaller clients when we do.

Age is starting to take its toll on Snowy. He has struggled with weight gain this year, and gets a daily high calorie mash to help him along. A recent visit to our vet gave him a good bill of health and some newly floated teeth to get him ready for winter. We look forward to some amazing years to come with this boy.