Kahlua is the newest member of the Summersend Herd. She is a 14 year old B.C. Wild horse from the interior of BC. She looks like a life size teddy bear with her dark bay body, brown nose and thick coat. Although Kahlua is new to the heard, she has already made it clear she is happy to take on the roll of the lead mare.

Earlier this summer we decided it was time for Candy to take her teaching on the road, which meant it was time for Aurora to find a new equine partner. Kahlua joined our herd to do just that. In the past, she had been a beginner show horse and reliable pleasure horse. Kahlua has attended numerous jumping, english and western pleasure horse shows, riding lessons, jumping camps and Doug Mills clinics. Together she and Aurora will be working to complete Aurora’s 2017 4H project, and develop her skills in leadership, horsemanship and equine care. Aurora has given her the ‘show name’ Midnight’s Kahlua, but you will often hear us simply call her ‘Lou’.

Kahlua is an active member of the heard but has not yet started working as a program horse. She can, at times, be a bit mischievous. She enjoys testing our fences just to check and see if the grass really is greener on the other side. We often see her pushing down the top wires to eat on the other side, or stretching over the electric fence to get at the bale stack. Another favorite of hers is to let the wind blow through her mane and tail as she gallops across the back field.

We look forward to introducing her to our clients. As Aurora says ‘She has a big heart and a soft eye that will take over your heart and make you melt inside.

Photo Credits to: Wild Knight Horse Photography and Showcasephoto.ca