Summersend Peace

Summersend Balance is putting together a family support program and we would like to hear from you!

Do you have a pre-teen or teen with autism, Aspergers, FASD or other social communication issues? I would love to include you in this program.

👉The vision:

To get pre-teens, teens and caregivers together to interact, have fun and enjoy a variety of activities together. Caregivers will be able to create a support network with each other and talk about programs or ideas that have been helping their children. The youth will have a chance interact together, build friendships, ‘play’ and have fun in a safe inclusive environment.

👉The program: Summersend Peace

Bi-weekly activities either evenings or weekends. Activities may include but are not limited to:

Equine Wellness Activities


Movie night at the farm


School Gym Activities

Baking or Cooking Class




Arts and Craft day

Nature Craft day


Overnight camp

Hiking – community forest – Beatton Park

SPCA Visit

And more!


TBA – every effort would be to keep the costs limited to the activity cost and / or a very low participation fee

👉What do I need from you?

What activities would you like to see for these youth?

What would be most valuable for the caregivers to be part of?

What costs would be reasonable for caregivers to be part of this program?

Do you have any ideas or suggestions around a program like this?