Finding Balance

Christmas has come and gone, as have all the holiday and New Year celebrations. Winter has settled in here at Summersend, and with it has come the time to contemplate and plan for the coming year. The last two years have been incredibly rewarding for me working in the field of Equine Facilitated Wellness. I have had several amazing experiences both with horses and clients alike. I have developed a wonderful herd of equine partners to work with, each with their own strengths and personalities. I truly feel I am in the right place and am excited for all the possibilities in 2017.

I have spent the last couple months thinking about and really focusing the goals and direction I have for the EFW work I plan to do in the coming year. I have continued to take more training and have a number of other courses to attend in 2017. With this additional knowledge and training I believe the Summersend Equestrian and Wellness I started out with two years ago has grown and changed, as everything does over time, into something so much more than I imagined it would become.

With this growth and change, I feel some more concrete changes are in order. Over the next few months, I will be making announcements about programs, services and other great events I have planned, as well as bits of exciting news here and there. I will be integrating new knowledge and skills into my existing work, as well as expanding to meet the needs of even more clients. I want everyone (children, youth, adults and families) to be able to experience the personal growth and development Equine Facilitated programs can offer.

Today, I am extremely excited to unveil my new and improved business name! After much thought and contemplation, I have decided the name Summersend Equestrian and Wellness does not fully speak to what we do here at Summersend. This new name is shorter, and speaks directly to what I aim to do: to help clients find balance in their lives through equine facilitated personal development programs. Because its not just about horses, and not just about kids; its about how we can all benefit from the space horses give us to grow, its about being in nature and embracing what it has to offer, its about being mindful, compassionate and courageous, its about finding a place of rest and the ability to play and learn, its about building healthy relationships and above all its about finding your own personal Balance.

I welcome you all to the new and improved Summersend Balance!