Ah, Poseidon! Every horse person needs that one horse that is his or her very own. Poseidon is mine. He is a 9 year old Quarter Horse gelding with the registered name ‘Cool to be Grey.’ Last fall I decided it was time to look for a younger, more athletic horse for myself to work with and train. After reading a lot of ads and talking to a lot of people, this boy finally came along at just the right moment.

‘Si’ is as cool as they come. He is quiet and willing but can also be sensitive and fun. He came to us from a family in Smithers, who found he just didn’t have quite enough ‘go’ for their needs. He has spent the last few years as more of a trail and ranch type horse. He loves to get out and explore. Its like he has four-wheel drive, just powers down and will walk all day long.

Being a trail horse, Poseidon has not done much other, more disciplined riding. We have been working together to help him get used to steering using a bit (he had been ridden primarily in a halter) as well as responding to leg pressure. He has come a long way and I am super happy with him.

This summer we attended a number of clinics together; the most exciting of which were two back to back clinics with Steve Rother, the winner of the Mane Event Trainers Challenge in Reddeer this past April. It was an incredible experience and what a change I saw in my horse. This was exactly the purpose I had in mind when I purchased him, to work together on horsemanship skills and to develop a long-term partnership. I look forward to trying out some Cowboy Trail Obstacle Courses and Western Dressage with this handsome fellow.

He is always in the herd and is happy to come say hi to clients. He especially loves treats and to go for walks. We do not use him as a regular program horse, but occasionally he is brought out to join in a wellness session or nature walk. Si is a sweet boy that I am sure you all will love.