It is with great sadness we announce that we said an unexpected goodbye to our wonderful Zuri on January 14, 2017. She helped so many people and was a wonderful addition to our herd. She has been, and will continue to be, missed by both our family and the clients who attend Summersend programs. Rest in Peace sweet girl.

Zuri is a 17 year old Morgan mare who joined our herd in the spring of 2016. Safe as they come, she absolutely has a heart of gold, and the mind to go with it. It is often said she looks like a replica of Black Beauty, minus the small white spot on the top of her head.

This compact little mare will stand patiently for hours being groomed and fussed over, and just as patiently allow herself to be lead around through various obstacles or taken for a walk down one of our trails. Zuri love people of all ages, but definitely  leans toward working with children. She is great at knowing just what lesson each client needs on a particular day. Zuri often uses that mind of hers, to see ways in which she can help clients with skills in leadership, confidence building, trust and mindfulness. She has a big heart and is careful with every person that works with her, both on the ground and under-saddle.

Her past is somewhat vague but her previous owners believe she was used as a driving horse of some sort. She does have a small scar on the underside of her tail and has developed some arthritis in her shoulders, possibly from the harness when pulling a plow or the wagon. For the last six or seven years she has been a treasured family pet, loved and adored by her owners and ridden by an young boy.

“She has the most gentle eye that I have ever seen. She has the eye that is really so sweet. As soon as you see her you will love her forever. You will love her every second of every day.” – Aurora Lea