Equine Facilitated Learning Sessions


Private sessions are generally 45 minutes to 1.5 hours long

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Under 6 yrs old – $75 / session (45 -60 min)

6-10 yrs old – $100 / session (60 min)

10 yrs old – Adult – $125 / session (90 min)


All ages 6 yrs – adult

Under 6 yrs old will only be taken at the discresion of the facilitator

These sessions are designed to work with clients individually, and are great for participants of all ages.

Equine Facilitated Learning Sessions offer a unique approach to learning and wellness. Clients are partnered with one of our herd members to engage in a variety of facilitated learning activities. Clients will participate in hands on equine activities such as active round pen work, grooming, leading, horsemanship and even riding. These interactions create opportunities for clients to practice and understand a variety of skills from learning about healthy relationships to over coming anxiety, all in a relaxed, nature inspired, family friendly environment.

Sessions are goal driven and tailored to the needs of each individual client.

No equine experience is needed to take part in these programs.


Client Goals may include – but are not limited to:

Confidence Building, Developing Trust, Self Esteem

Developing Empathy, Understanding Feelings

Overcoming Fears and Anxiety, Physical and Mental Wellness

Healthy Relationships, Setting Boundaries

Clear Communication, Reading Non-verbal cues

Leadership Skills And More