Worth the Journey

When my journey began about five years ago, I had this little glimmer of an idea of how I wanted to pair my love of teaching with my love of horses. I began researching programs and training styles,  after much thought and many emails I decided to go with the EFW-CAN certification through Healing Hooves. It has been a long process, but one on which I am extremely happy I embarked. This certification has included a number of trips away to attend courses, a practicum process, horsemanship training, and mentorship sessions. The knowledge I have gained about people, horses and what we can learn from each other is more than I could ever put into words. That glimmer of an idea I had five years ago has grown into the services I am able to offer my clients today. I am so thankful for everyone who has helped me get to this point in my training.

Today I am excited to say I have officially completed the last required training course for EFW-Can certification.

In a few short months, and after a mountain of paperwork, I will be a fully dual certified EFW-Can EFLP and EP (Equine Facilitated Learning Professional and Equine Professional). The feeling of accomplishment tonight is almost overwhelming. I am looking forward to the next steps Summersend Equestrian and Wellness will be able to take, and the new services we will begin to offer.