Leading the Herd

Leading the HerdTeens! This one is for you!

*Ages 13-17 yrs*

Come join us for some fun leadership and team building activities with the Summersend herd! Working with horses provides an excellent opportunity to for teens to learn some essential leadership skills. This program is designed to introduce participants to a number of effective communication techniques. We will cover skills in being assertive, building relationships, leading teams, setting and maintaining clear boundaries and much more.

CHA Certified Instructor—Rachael Salustro will be joining us to instruct participants in effective horsemanship and riding as well. Horsemanship is focused on using clear leadership and communication between the horse and the handler. This will give participants a safe, non-judgmental place to test out their newly acquired leadership skills. The horses act as a mirror and give immediate feedback to the participant on if he or she is communicating effectively.

Mornings will be spent developing leadership skills through group interactions, equine learning activities and games. The afternoons will be spent practicing leadership skills through horsemanship and riding lessons.

*Beginner Friendly & Horses can be Provided*


Leading the Herd 1

July 18-21


10 am-3 pm

Leading the Herd 2

Aug 29—Sept 1


10 am-3 pm