Equine Facilitated Personal Development

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EFW and EFL focuses on developing a bond between the participant and a horse or pony. Participants are guided, by a trained EFL Practitioner, through specially designed learning activities that focus on communicating effectively, building trust and attachment. Participants gain leadership skills, empathy, self-confidence and much more from learning to work with these large animals. Most of the work takes place on the ground and an EFL session can take all kinds of forms from simply learning to bond with a horse through grooming it to lunging, leading, round-pen work and much more.

Summersend Balance offers equine facilitated learning programs designed for clients with a wide range of needs. Our trained facilitators provide individualized support to children, youth and families in a variety of areas including: emotional health, mental health, developmental and learning support. We also offer sessions that focus on general mental wellness, physical health, and nature exploration.

Why Horses?


Most people are amazed at what the horses offer to clients. Horses bring with them a sense of acceptance and calming when they are added to a client session. Horses are incapable of lying, and their reactions are unconditional. When horses become part of the client relationship, it is often one of the first times the clients are able to truly trust another being and feel understood. There is no judgment or old grudges being drug up, horses live in the moment and allow the client to be drawn in and to live in the moment too.

No referral or equine experience is needed to participate in these programs.